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Why is Homeopathy a parents best friend

Why is Homeopathy a Parents Best Friend

Becoming a parent holds a lot of importance in one’s life, and is a turning point. It is a lifelong responsibility with an extreme level of emotional bonding. Your world revolves around your child’s health, happiness, needs and wishes. Of all that your child needs, you’re significantly concerned about the health and hygiene.  Of course an essential part of everyone’s life though, but it’s more crucial for a child.

Children have a much fragile immune system than adults and fall prey to a number of infections faster.The natural reaction The moment you see your child sneezing, or coughing and crying with pain or any health issue, you’d rush to a hospital hoping the doctor can help. But the reality has something else in store for you. The physician prescribes combinations of medicines one over the other for relief. What most fail to realise is that the delicate body mechanism of a child reacts to these medicines differently from adults. They suppress the symptoms, and you might think the problem is solved. But the child eventually gets used to the suppression of the problem rather than the cure.

Here’s a better way to help your child.


Homeopathy has always been a safe rescue source for most parents when it comes to children. Here’s why.

Homeopathy believes that every person is unique and reacts differently to the environment to manifest an illness. Homeopathy being a treatment option based on the law of similars has a range of combination medicines. These medicines react based on individualistic symptoms and do not have any adverse effects. For example; the problem may be same for two people, but the same medicine may not work for both.

Talking about safe and side-effect free remedies, homeopathy scores the highest among all other systems of medicine. Owing to the natural and holistic approach it has, homeopathy has proved to be the ideal treatment option for infants, toddlers and older children.  Homoeopathy not only provides relief from common problems in children but also prevents recurrent episodes of poor health conditions. Here are some of the common issues:

Apart from the above conditions, there are a few other problems which homeopathy can be a better treatment approach for. Children are prone to a lot many problems right from the initial months of their birth, till they reach puberty. These can be problems that affect their growth physically and to an extent mentally due to certain delays, and some of them also can be environmental if your child has a weak immune system. Here are some of the other conditions that homeopathy can be help treating.

  • Communication disorders
  • Worm infestation
  • Delay in walking
  • Delay in speech
  • Height and weight improvement (physical growth)
  • Side effects of vaccinations

Emotional and behavioural disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Defiant or aggressive behaviour

5 Reasons why homeopathy is a parent’s best friend

  • Safe Medicine
  • Effective and Quick Treatment
  • Scientific & Natural Medicine
  • Builds Body Resistance
  • Child-Friendly

The best part of homeopathy: An advantage while treating kids Child Friendly

The biggest advantage is that the medicines are easy to administer, unlike the bitter medications that doctors usually give. Kids love homeopathy medicines as they are just tiny, sugar pills. Children happily take them because they’re sweet. Trick your kids and treat them with remedial sweets!

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