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Vitiligo Heres Why You Need To Try Homeopathy

Vitiligo Heres Why You Need To Try Homeopathy

There are a few health conditions conditions where age plays no role. Some of these conditions affects babies at birth, some affects children as they grow and so on. Vitiligo is a disease of skin pigment called melanin. It is occur because of melanin cell destruction, defective process of melanin formation.


It protect skin cells from UVB radiation damage and reduces risk of skin cancer.

Causes of lack in melanin

The causes for these health conditions can be many, it can be an injury or it could even be genetic, autoimmune ,stress,drugs. It is not a serious disease. It does not cause major harm to body. But, cosmetically and personally effects in society. An autoimmune disease on the other hand is a health condition where your body cannot differentiate between your cells or foreign cells. It kills them all. It is almost like ‘friendly fire’.

Autoimmune diseases are dangerous. Imagine you have an infection and the foreign body has entered your body and the white blood cells have gone to fight. If you have an autoimmune disease, your body will kill your White blood cells along with the foreign body as well. You will remain defenseless making you vulnerable and weak against a simple sneeze.

Autoimmune Diseases

But apart from white blood cells or red blood cells, an autoimmune disease often harm your skin cells as well. The cells which give the skin its colour is called melanin.  You may have seen people with dark skin with white patches all over their body. They suffer from leucoderma.

Causes of Vitiligo

Now what exactly causes Leucoderma?

The causes of leucoderma or vitiligo are many. In light of recent research, vitiligo as mentioned before is a result of an autoimmune disorder. But it has also been seen that vitiligo can be caused by a severely stressful moment or event in the person’s life or it can also be genetic as well which means if someone in your family has vitiligo, there are high chances of you getting it as well. There have been other factors which often cause vitiligo, such as rashes in skin, sun burns etc.

How do you know if you have Vitiligo? 

According to research, it is said that more than 95% of the people develop the symptoms of vitiligo before they become 40 years of age(Keep a lookout or visit us to know if you have an autoimmune disease).

Some of the symptoms of Vitiligo are: 

Vitiligo is mainly characterised or identified by white patches on your body which are of different shapes and sizes which is perhaps the main symptom. These patches are mainly visible on the exposed areas of the skin like arms, face, legs etc however they can occur in the covered parts of the body as well.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

Other symptoms include premature greying of hair and also white discolouration in the mouth of the person. it has been noticed through research than mental stress often leads to increase in occurrence of these patches.

Treatments of Vitiligo 

When it comes to the treatment of vitiligo, there are allopathic and homeopathic treatments as well. However, people often opt for homeopathy as it is less invasive and doesn’t harm the body in various ways. Homeopathy has emphasised on vitiligo not being a disease but just a result or an expression of sorts, of a disturbed state of mind or how as mentioned before that stress is a big factor in the occurrence of vitiligo. The ways of homeopathy has been able to achieve wonders when it comes to treating of vitiligo. Process of homeopathy has always been eradicating the problem at the root like controlling the spread of vitiligo by correction immune system and enhance the melanocyte formation and even in this case it aims to do just that. To understand the mind of the patient and psychologically analyse what might be the root cause of the stress or disturbance in the mind. Of course there will be nice sugary pills to accompany it, so it’s a plus!.

Diet in Vitiligo

Avoid sour food, sour fruits, non veg, pickles.

Eat zinc food – nuts beans, vit.b12 food- cereals, yogurt, folate food – spinach, broccoli.

Get exposed to early morning sun for 10-15 min.


Calcarea Carb – Given to people who have milky white spots on their skin

Arsenic Album – This is given to people who have been in an anxious state of mind for long periods of time.

Sepia – Often given to people who have lost interest or are being indifferent towards life and the people in it.

Homeopathic Medicine for Vitiligo

Mental health has been proven to be the root cause in many cases of health issues. But vitiligo is one such disease which has physical and visible ramifications. However, we at Master’s homeopathy understand you and we are here to listen so visit us or book an appointment with us, so our doctors can help you with your state of mind and also of course, vitiligo Treatment.


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