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Treat Osteoarthritis With Homeopathy

Treat Osteoarthritis With Homeopathy

Your daily life requires you to be active – being fast and on the move is a need. But then, sometimes, your health might slow you down, quite literally. One such instance is knee pain. If your knee hurts while doing the simplest of activities like sitting and walking, you are bound to get worried. At this stage, it’s essential that you understand what’s going on. Knee pain can hinder your daily activities which is why you should get it treated as soon as possible. Before that though, you should know what’s wrong.

Knee pain can be a symptom of osteoarthritis, but only a doctor will be able to confirm that. If you wish to know more about what it is, keep reading.

What Is Osteoarthritis?

What Is Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis caused by inflammation, breakdown, and eventual loss of cartilage and underlying bone in one or more joints. It is also called degenerative arthritis. Most often it affects knee, hips, spine, and hands.

Osteoarthritis In Knee

Osteoarthritis in knees is often due to excess upper body weight, or of repeated injury and joint surgery.

What Happens If You Have Osteoarthritis Knee?

Progressive cartilage degeneration in the knee joints can lead to deformity and outward curvature of the knees, usually known as bow-leggedness. You might also develop a limp.

Are You Vulnerable To This?

The chances of developing this disease increase with age –  if you are 50 years and above then you are prone to get this. This can also be developed in the early 20s and 30s if you have a joint injury and repetitive joint stress. For some people, it is hereditary.

How Do You Know You Have Osteoarthritis?

You will feel burning sensation in your knees, accompanied with swelling, stiffness, pain, a decrease in mobility and also bone spurs which are smooth, hard bumps of extra bone formed at the end of the bones.

What Are The Symptoms Osteoarthritis?Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

The signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • Creaky noises within the joints while movement.
  • Pain due to overuse or prolonged inactivity
  • Soreness and joint aches due to mobility
  • Stiffness due to inactivity
  • Swellings in the joints
  • Warmth in the joints

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

Age is the most common factor for osteoarthritis of the knee. However, there are other factors that increase the risk of developing this disease.


If you are obese, you tend to put more pressure on your joints pain especially on your knees. So, the more weight, the more pressure on your knees.


It is due to genetic mutations and also due to inherited abnormalities in the shape of the bones around knees.


Women above the age of 55 are more likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knee than men.

Repetitive stress injuries

If your activities include kneeling, squatting, or lifting heavy weights are more likely to get it due to the constant pressure on joints.


If you are a person who plays sports like soccer, tennis, or long distance running, then you are more likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knee.

Other causes

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorders, or excess of growth hormone then you are at greater risk. Also if you have any injury or infections, it can lead to this condition.

How Can You Treat Osteoarthritis of Knee With Homeopathy?Treat Osteoarthritis of Knee With Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the best option to treat osteoarthritis. It is treated on the basis of joint symptoms, pain, and its type, also including the individual’s personality, sensitivities, and emotions.

Some of the Homeopathy medicines are:

  • Bryonia Alba: it is used to treat inflammation in the joints.
  • Rhus Tox: to treat recurring attacks due to cold weather.
  • Kali Carb: to relief from pains like stabbing and burning
  • Arnica: it is used to treat chronic arthritis with a feeling of bruised soreness
  • Ruta graveolens: to relieve from a feeling of great stiffness and lameness,
  • Apis Mellifica: if you feel a stinging pain and warmth in your joints, this remedy is used.
  • Calcarea fluorica: it is used to treat pain that aggravates by heat and motion.
  • Calcarea carbonica: it is often used for a person who is overweight
  • Sticta Pulmonaria: it is used to reduce the fluid in the joints.

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