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Sunstroke: An Overview

Sunstroke: An Overview

Seasons are a natural phenomenon. You can either enjoy it or survive it. Now, if you stay in cities which are near the sea or a river or even if you stay in a city without any water body around, usually in India, the one season which each and everyone dreads is Summer.


But the moment the calendar changes month from March to April, especially in the south and in Hyderabad, you know you have to brace yourself for SUMMER!. Now, while summers are good to some extent as our body gets the Vitamin D it needs, it can also be harmful if there is excessive heat (which there is most of the time). So while you might be enjoying ice creams and cold drinks, it is essential that you do not step out post noon.

The heat drains out the moisture from your body causing a very common yet harmful condition called a ‘sun stroke’ or also called ‘heat stroke’. The body temperature is higher if exposed to extreme heat and this in turn results in the drainage of moisture or water. Now, sunstrokes are dangerous no matter what people say. Losing consciousness is dangerous and specially more dangerous if you are out under the sun. Usually the main cause of sunstroke is overexposure to heat of the sun, but there are many other sources of a heat stroke as well.

Some of the other causes of sunstroke or heat stroke are: 

  • Sudden exposure to heat or hot water
  • Exertion of the body in higher temperatures
  • Less or minimal intake of water
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive alcohol intake.

Now people having a sunstroke, need to be given immediate attention as lack of prompt medical care can affect their health to a great extent.

The symptoms of heat stroke: Symptoms of a sunstroke depend on how much time was the person exposed to the sun. There are mild cases and extreme cases. Mild cases of sunstroke are characterised by fainting or heat exhaustion and heat cramps.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

When it comes to severe cases of heat stroke, there might be a significant rise in temperature in the body which leads to severe nausea and vomiting. Due to this, the blood pressure in the patient gets low and heart rate increases drastically. If appropriate medical care is not given, the patient might slip into a coma.

Treatments for Sunstroke: 

When it comes to sunstroke, immediate help is essential to prevent further damage to the body. But in many cases, regular treatment might not help. In these cases, homeopathy comes to the rescue of the patient. There are many treatments for sunstroke which has been highly effective in the recent past and is still working wonders on patients suffering from a heat stroke or sun stroke. However, it is essential that the patient is taken to a reputed homeopathic doctor as if the wrong medicine is given, it might affect the patient’s body in a more negative way rather than in a positive way


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