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Summer Fever And Its Home Remedies

Summer Fever And Its Home Remedies

Summers could be challenging enough to wander outdoors, let alone falling sick. The heat at the peak of summers becomes unbearable and all one wants to do is cooling off. Protecting the skin, face and drinking enough fluids should be one’s aim during the hot season, but it would all change when the summer fever hits the stands.

Hot Season

At times the transition from winter to summer could be drastic, and the fluctuating weather could provide with a newly found a headache as it could give rise to summer fever. Summer fever is no different from a regular temperature that could occur in any season, but the summer fever could be a testing period recovering.

But considering the dreadfulness of the fever in summers, we have readied some vital remedies which could help you recover faster and better even in this scorching heat. Of course, there are medication options to treat fever faster, but home remedies for illness are by far more effective than anything that is out there.

fever in summers

A doctor is crucial to help you during these tough times, but a doctor alone cannot help you recover completely, so in order to do so, one has to take good care of themselves at home, and these remedies will go a long way in helping you, if you have the summer fever. Meaning, watching the thermometer instead of the person suffering from illness will not help matters, although your helping hand towards the one suffering and treating them with the essential things will surely help them out of bed faster than expected.

Chicken Soup with Bone BrothChicken Soup with Bone Broth

It’s been one of medical studies’ considerable debate, as the chicken soup was always considered to have a placebo effect on patients. Although various studies prove otherwise, chicken soup does contain a lot of substances and nutrients that have a therapeutic effect on the body. Add that with bone broth, and you give a good dose to the white blood cells in the body. These white blood cells are vital in fighting unwanted microbes in the body, especially when you are suffering from something like a fever.


Studies reveal that during times of fever the blood absorbs ionizable calcium from the blood that helps fight the virus affecting the body during temperatures. Calcium also gives strength to the bones that ache during these times. While one is down with fever at home, regular intake of calcium is necessary for faster recovery. While other studies reveal that patients have felt the duration of them being down with fever has considerably reduced than they had expected earlier, and doctors credit calcium for this reason alone.

Calcium Food

A Warm Bath

Traditionally many dispute the idea of taking a bath while suffering from fever. The summer fever, as the name suggests could be a wrong time for suffering. On top of that, many doctors are of the opinion to take a warm bath if possible. This idea keeps the body temperature on the outside and inside in sync.

A Neat Diet

The person suffering from fever loses all appetite during this time, but it is essential to have a fixed menu, which consists more of fluids. The idea of eating solids is out of the question, but to keep the body nutrients in check, one has to increase their appetite by consuming liquids of whatever kind possible, but nothing cold. Soups, plenty of water, juices etc. are all necessary options. This does not mean solids should be abandoned altogether. Solids provide with some vital nutrients that equally help the patient recover on time. Consult the doctor or at least maintain a decent diet during this time.Neat Diet

Plenty of rest

More than anything a patient requires during this time, rest is essential for complete recovery.Having to take refuge on the bed for the foreseeable future may seem like a bad idea, but considering rest is as vital to recovery as any other things on the list above. Set the room temperature in comfortable level.

Fever could be testing times for anyone suffering from it, especially in the summers, where the weather could be more testing in helping you recover. Taking the right precautions, like limit the outdoor activities during peak sun hours and following the proper schedule concerning medications and diet will help the patient improve faster and better.


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