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Stages of Osteoarthritis

Stages of Osteoarthritis

When you hear the word ‘arthritis’, you think of two things – joint & pain. But when it affects your knees, it becomes more than a joint pain. Arthritic attack on knees or other major joints can affect your daily life extensively. Every movement you make, is a reminder of your arthritis. You just can not take it casually.

Osteoarthritis is one such issue that steals the joy of your life because it affects the major joints of your body like knees, elbows, neck, back, hip etc. It is the most common type of arthritis across the world. It is a degenerative diseases which means that it is caused due to degeneration or wearing off of the cartilages that surround the bones. Due to this degeneration, bones overgrow in the area.

 Causes :

  1.  Age: as age increase degeneration and inflammation will be increase above 65yr. Female are more common effected than males
  2. Weight: over weight also cause the arthritis
  3. Heredity
  4. Repetitive trauma & stress injury
  5.  Athletes may have more chances to get this diseases.

Diseases of Knee joint

There are four stages of osteoarthritis.

Stage 0: A healthy joint with no sign of degeneration is known to be in stage 0 of all the stages of osteoarthritis.

Stage 1: There will be a very minor growth in the first stage of osteoarthritis. Hence, there will be almost no pain or discomfort.

Stage 2: At this stage, you will start feeling stiffness or pain. X-ray images will clearly show the degeneration of the cartilage and the growth of the bone.

Stage 3: At stage 3 of osteoarthritis, pain and discomfort can be felt while doing regular daily life activities. The space between the bones has now narrowed. Treatment needs to be started at the earliest.

Stage 4: If you have reached the fourth stage of osteoarthritis, your condition is severe; the pain will be severe. In extreme cases, deformities can also be seen.

Stages of Knee Osteoarthritis

Statistically, after the age of 65 years, 50% people will be affected by osteoarthritis to some extent.


Pain, swelling of joints, warmth feeling of joints, stiffness in knees which will be  more in morning. Reducing mobility gradually.

Homeopathic Treatment for Osteoarthritis:

If the treatment is started at the early stages, homeopathy can help you a lot managing the pain and stopping or slowing down the process of degeneration. However, homeopathy cannot undo the damage which is already done.

To comfort your pain or to stop the degeneration, homeopathy takes a very natural approach. Homeopathic treatment for osteoarthritis comes from extracts of  plant, animals and naturally occurring minerals. The remedies are, hence, free from any side effects and can be taken for a long time, if required.

Homeopathy has shown satisfactory results when taken from an early stage.

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