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Sinusitis An Overview


“I have a sinus attack.”

You would have heard people say this very often and might have even wondered why the word ‘attack’ is used so freely with sinus. Is it that bad?

To answer that question, yes, sinus aches can be pretty terrible, which is why, calling it a sinus attack is justified. 

sinus attackBut what is Sinus? 

Contrary to the popular belief that it is the name of a condition, it is actually not. Sinuses are large air pockets which are present in skull bone. Which are helps to maintain air balance skull with environment. Lightens the skull and improve the voice. These sinuses four types and four pairs.

1. Frontal sinus

2. Mixillary sinus

3. Ethmoidal sinus

4. Spenoidal sinus

They are located:

  • Behind your forehead and eyebrows
  • Below the surface of cheeks
  • On both sides of the bridge of the nose
  • Behind your nose.

Sinusitis, which is the condition, affects the sinus or the air pockets.

The sinuses are very prone to get clogged nonetheless, they have a layer of mucus protecting them from dust, germs and other air particles.

What are the Sinus infection Causes?

Some of the most common sinus infection causes are:

  • Temperature Changes
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • The common cold.

In most cases, the most common sinus infection cause is allergy. It is very important to keep yourself off limits from dust, pollen, some particular flowers as dust from them can cause the inflammation of the sinus.

Sinus infection Causes
Allergic rhinitis when neglected or treated symptomatically at regular attacks, with out removing the tendency of the patient for the frequent suffering results in sinusitis.

Sinus Infection Symptoms: 

There are mainly four types of sinusitis. The sinus infection symptoms are usually a part of an allergy if it is acute in nature.

The sinus infection symptoms are:

Facial Pain or Pressure: One of the most common sinus infection symptom is facial pain or feeling some kind of unexplainable pressure on your skin. Usually you might feel some sort of pain around the eyes, ears and also on your forehead. Along with the eyes, another pain may also be felt in the teeth which is another part of this sinus infection symptom.

Nasal Discharge: Another sinus infection symptom which is seen is nasal discharge. Since the mucous membrane of the nose and the sinuses are attached, there is some kind of nasal discharge which follows facial pain. The discharge is usually cloudy in nature, mainly green or yellow in colour and tinged with blood. Due to the increase in discharge as a sinus infection symptom, people need to blow their nose more often than usual.

Cough and Sore Throat: A sinus infection will never be complete without cough and sore throat presenting itself as a sinus infection symptom. The fluid buildup or the discharge which does not always go out the nose, seeps in the body through the throat. Continuous trickling of the fluid irritates the throat which causes cough.

Loss of smell & bad breath in later stages

Heaviness of head

Fever some times

Types of Sinusitis:

1.Acute sinusitis

2.chorin sinusitis

1.Acute sinusitis:

It’s usually originates from either a virus, bacteria or an allergen.
Viral Sinusitis: 

This type of sinusitis as the name suggests is caused due to a particular virus. The symptoms of viral sinusitis revolves around cold, sore throat, sneezing, running nose and coughing.

In this type, the mucous discharge is usually clear or may slightly coloured. Viral sinusitis has no cure as such. Antibiotics are not really effective against viruses. The effective way to treat this is by drinking fluids, getting adequate or more rest than required.

The time taken for viral sinusitis to fade away is usually 7-10 days.

Bacterial Sinusitis:

In this type of sinusitis, the condition is a little more extreme when compared to viral sinusitis. The mucous discharge is thick in nature and yellow or green in colour. The nasal passages are swollen to a great extent and most people with bacterial sinusitis experience facial pressure. It’s can be fed way between 10-14days.

Allergic Sinusitis:

Sinusitis when caused due to allergies leads to severe inflammation of the sinus. This in turn causes nasal congestion and swelling of mucous membranes. The symptoms of allergic sinusitis is usually the same as the others. The only difference being itchy eyes, throat and nose.

Allergic Sinusitis

Treatments for allergic sinusitis includes allergy shots, avoiding triggers which give a rise to allergy.

Sinusitis prevention is mainly about staying away from the triggers which affects the nose and the throat as such. Most of people have dust allergies and they do not even know it unless they get hit by increased amounts of dust filled air. Similarly, it is best to keep away from various triggers.

Homeopathy and Sinusitis

At Master’s Homeopathy, we understand that having sinusitis can be a painful experience. Unlike allopathic medicines that provide only temporary relief, homeopathy addresses the root cause. The basic belief of homeopathy is the fact that all diseases must be wiped out from the root, so that the chances of relapse are minimized, if not eliminated completely.

Homeopathy Medicine

At Master’s Homeopathy, we first listen to your symptoms, understand other health issues you might have and determine the intensity of your sinusitis. It’s only after that do we suggest remedies that will take care of your sinusitis from the root.

So, if you are suffering from Sinusitis, do yourself a favour – try homeopathy.

About Master’s Homeopathy

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