Sciatica refers to inflammation and pain in the hip and buttocks and stretches all the way to the legs. This condition is many times linked and accompanied by lower back pain which is much more severe than normal leg pain. “Sciatica” refers to the sciatic nerve, which connects the lower back through the buttocks into the leg. It is a condition that occurs when a lumbar disc affected by a hernia, compresses one of the contributing sciatic nerves.

Wear and tear of the body are bound to happen and is common for everyone. The excess use of bones in a particular position for an extended period will naturally cause more friction loss than in other areas of the body. So, maintaining the right position, and changing it at intervals is equally important to avoid unwanted painful conditions.

Homeopathy offers distinct advantages and positive response in treating Sciatica. Homeopathy is capable of managing the pain efficiently and rectifies the irritation caused on the sciatic nerve. Homoeopathy treatment also aims at strengthening the patient’s immune system to prevent further recurrences. It improves the vital force in the body that balances functions and provides protection from illness.