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Piles Treatment Without Surgery

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Imagine not being able to find a washroom when you just HAVE to poop. The worst, right?

No. There is something worse – going through a terrible pain while you poop.

Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. When the wall of there vessels are streched, they become irritated.


  • Pregnancy
  • As age increase
  • Diarrhoea
  • Chronic constipation
  • Sitting for too long
  • Heavy lifting
  • Anal intercourse
  • Obesity
  • Heriditory.

Constipation. You could just scream the entire pooping time.

There is something still worse.

Let’s say you scream in pain when you poop. And then when you are done and want to sit on a comfy couch, you still twinge. You feel the same pain even the next day – you feel it when you sit or when you stand or when you walk or when you just exist!

Then, you, my friend, are suffering from fourth stage haemorrhoids.

Grading of Hemorrhoids Stages

Well, first of all, never let it go this far without treatment. But how to know which stage this is and how can you know you have piles before that?

It’s not any rocket science; the symptoms are easy to read.

The common symptoms are itching, swelling, pain and bleeding in the anus. An external fissure (haemorrhoid lump) will be visible as soon as it originates. An internal fissure is, however, a little tricky.

At the first stage, it is not visible. There will be a small lump in your rectum. While you will not be able to see it, you will still be able to feel it. You may feel a little discomfort while pooping. You may also notice that your poop is stained with blood.

Although, sometimes there will be no symptoms at all.

At this stage, piles treatment without surgery is almost always possible.

The fissures become visible from the second stage. You may see or feel a small lump of flesh being pushed out each time you poop which recedes inside every time instantly. This stage will generally be irritating if not painful. You might also experience bleeding.

The third stage is where you can certainly feel the swelling of the fissure. Here, when the fissure pops out, you have to manually push it back each time. The pain is high; bleeding is common. Now, you are a risk of getting an infection. If the piles was not bad enough, an infection may add multiple degrees of discomfort in the scene. Piles treatment without surgery becomes complicated from this stage.

If you have reached the fourth stage, you can totally relate to the introduction of the blog. Persistent pain, difficulty in sitting, standing, walking, bleeding, burning – pooping is now your worst nightmare!

The Different Grade of Piles

Prevention for constipation

  • High fiber foods should have daily
  • Drink plenty of liquid (3-5litters)
  • Drink several cup of warm liquid in morning
  • Do daily exercise for half an hour
  • Visit the toilet for 15minuts in the morning, even if you are unable to have a bowel movements.

Solution – Surgery! No!

But with homeopathy, even at this stage, piles treatment without surgery is not impossible. Here’s how:

Piles Treatment without Surgery:

Most alternative medicines either focus on suppressing the symptoms or else, opting for a surgery. Homeopathy takes a holistic approach instead. It works in an immunological level unrooting the issue from deep inside.

Homeopathic medicines come from natural extracts which is why you can start using the medicines without any fear of side-effects.Homeopathy will not only help you stop the progress of the disease, it will also help you to undo the damage which your body has already suffered from.

Although the entire course of piles treatment without surgery may take a while, the issue of pain can be managed to some extent immediately.

So, don’t shy away from visiting a doctor if you see any sign of piles. The pain in hemorrhoids is not the ultimate issue – advanced hemorrhoids may lead to a dangerous infection or even anal cancer. Whichever stage you are in, homeopathy can ensure an efficient piles treatment without surgery.

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