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Obesity And Homeopathy – An Overview

Obesity And Homeopathy – An Overview

Imagine you wake up one day and realise none of your clothes are fitting you anymore. Seems like a nightmare right? That happens when you gain weight rapidly.


Even though there are many people who try to be healthy by hitting the gym or eating wisely, yet, most of the times, their hectic schedules get the better of them. That’s perhaps one of the reasons why obesity is becoming a big concern globally.

If you are overweight, the transition from being overweight to obese hardly takes any time. Gaining weight is easy, losing weight however is very tough.

Understanding Obesity

Obesity is classified as a disease and is measured with BMI or Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index is calculated by kg/(height in meters) squared. It can cause a number of very harmful diseases such as Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Osteoarthritis and also some forms of cancer.

How can you lose weight?

This perhaps the question of the century where everyone is behind one goal and one goal only. Weight loss.

Most people fantasise about weight loss but do not have the time to actually work for it. Hitting the gym and exercising is not enough to lose weight. There has to be control when it comes to food and drinks.

Diet Maintenance

Once you control the food and are on a particular diet, only then exercise helps. If you go on eating junk food like pizzas, burgers, fries and gulp it down with a bottle of coke, thinking that you will sweat it out in the gym the next day, it does not work like that.

If you have a bowl of Biryani, you need to spend around 50 minutes on the treadmill to burn those calories. If you spend an hour on the treadmill for those calories, how will you burn out the calories which are already present in your body?

You and many others try various diet regimens such as low carb diets and ketosis as well. Some people who are severely obese often go under the knife with a Bariatric surgery to lose their existing fat and subsequently lose weight as well.

But have you ever thought of a more natural and unconventional way of losing weight?
No, right?

What about Homeopathy?

Homeopathy and Obesity

Surprised on seeing these two words together? You shouldn’t be.

Homeopathy has been a remedy for many many ailments. Obesity is just one of them. The natural ways of homeopathy are highly effective, comparatively economical and do not require any kind of surgery.

 Homeopathic Remedies for Obesity

The ways of homeopathy are different. While the conventional methods of treatment target the problem at hand, homeopathy treats a person as a whole and not just one ailment. It attacks problems at its root and cuts it off from there; slowly but very effectively.

However, those sweet pills are not magic. They will help your body stimulate weight loss but you still need to keep a check on your food and exercise as well.

There are various homeopathic remedies for obesity and weight loss but none of them should be taken without consulting your doctor first. So firstly, visit us at Master’s Homeopathy or book an appointment. Secondly, our experienced homeopathic doctors can understand your condition and accordingly give you homeopathic medicines to help your condition. However you must not totally depend on homeopathy for your obesity. Stop the intake of junk food and aerated drinks every now and then. Switch to water and instead of walking, run or hit the gym.


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