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Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Having a child is the one thing most married couples wish for. However, not always are these wishes fulfilled. Despite wanting to have a child, many couples cannot experience bringing a child into this world, calling them your own and raising them. 

Being a mother and father would feel good, right? However, trying for a child can get difficult for many people. There are various factors which play a role in hindering the process of conceiving. One of the most common factors is infertility. 

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According to statistics, around 15% couples are affected by infertility, either the man or the woman. The condition of infertility can be a cause of a underlying cause or it can also happen over time with differences in lifestyle and daily habits. 

If you think, that there is a reason why you are not able to conceive, you should book an appointment or visit us at Master’s Homeopathy and we can help you.

However, apart from various forms of treatment, fertility can be boosted in various natural ways as well. Not everything requires doctors and prescriptions. Natural ways has been proven to boost infertility by adopting them and following it as a part of your lifestyle. 

Some ways to naturally boost fertility are:

Eating food which are rich in fibre: 

Fibre rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains gets rid of any excess hormones in the body and also keeps the sugar balance. There are certain types of fibre which removes excess estrogen in the body as a waste product which in turn affects the ovulatory infertility of a woman by reducing its chances.

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Foods which are rich in Antioxidants:

Zinc and folate are antioxidants which are good for both men and women and their fertility. Any kind of harmful substances in the body which affects the sperm and egg cells, the antioxidants in the food you eat can kill them which in turn can enhance fertility. Fruits, vegetables, walnuts and grains are rich in antioxidants. 

Avoid any kind of Trans fats:

Fried food, vegetable oils and almost all kinds of processed foods are sources of trans fats which hamper and increase the risk of ovulatory fertility, however eating proper amounts of healthy fats is necessary for the body to function adequately. 

Cutting down Carbohydrates:

Indulging and following a diet which is low in carbohydrates maintains body weight and reduces insulin levels. Apart from that it also helps in menstrual health for a woman. Women who are already suffering from PCOS and might be subjected to ovulatory infertility are recommended a low carb diet for better function of the body and to boost fertility. 

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Choosing High Fat Dairy:

Studies have shown that low fat dairy might increase the risk of infertility whereas dairy which is high in fat might boost it. A glass of whole milk can be substituted for small servings of low fat dairy. 

Cutting down Caffeine:

There are many people who proclaim to be ‘coffee addicts’. No matter how ‘cool’ you think the term sounds, caffeine harms your body. For a woman, caffeine can negatively affect fertility and can cause pregnancy to get delayed as well.

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Get Active:

Lastly, one of the most important and natural way to boost infertility is to get active. Sitting and leading a sedentary lifestyle never helped anyone and it won’t help you either, no matter how much you try. It is necessary to exercise a bit or even walk or run for a while in a day to keep your body agile and in motion rather than being stuck to a desk. Getting active, indulging in a sport can often help boost fertility to a great extent.

There are many other ways which are naturally inclined to help you boost fertility. For men and women both. However, if neither of these ways work and any other form of treatment has not helped, maybe it is time for you to try a less conventional but effective treatment. Homeopathy. At Master’s Homeopathy, we use natural remedies as a treatment to help you fight your condition no matter what it is, even fertility so that nothing can come in between you and being a parent. 


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