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Is Sleeplessness Bothering You? Try Homeopathy.

Is Sleeplessness Bothering You? Try Homeopathy.

‘Sleep’ is the key to a good mood, a pleasant face, a healthy body and amazing productivity at work. You must’ve observed the dullest of people at work are dull because they didn’t sleep well. They’re irritable, cranky, unproductive, tired and the spreaders of negative vibes in the atmosphere because of the lack of sleep. 

Sleep is one of the most important factors to leading a healthy life. A person is said to have slept well when he/she sleeps 6-8 hours without waking up in the middle of the night.

What are the common causes of insomnia or sleeplessness?load image...

People live such busy lives these days, constantly on the go from one place to the other, and from one task to the other. Fortunately human beings are designed to be adaptive, and most of us learn to filter out unwanted noise and manage to get some sleep. People become insomniacs when these mechanisms don’t function so well, because of the following reasons,

  • Depression
  • Anxiety or fear
  • Pain
  • Noise
  • Post delivery
  • Old age
  • Eating late
  • Alcohol, coffee, tea or other stimulants
  • Excitement
  • Bad sleep cycle

Diagnosing the cause of insomnia is very difficult yet it is the most effective solution to treating it. There can be a combination of causes behind being sleepless.

The conventional system of medicine has only sleeping pills to offer in such cases. They might also be helpful for a while but they can be addictive and may have side-effects. And it is important to understand that they do nothing to solve the underlying problem of your sleeplessness.

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It is important to address the underlying cause of sleeplessness, it could be something as small as fear to something as big as depression. If the underlying cause of insomnia is addressed, your sleep cycle will come back into place. It is the essence of homeopathy to go to the root cause of the symptom and treat it, it is also in the nature of homeopathy to address just the symptoms you are suffering from, and not the umbrella of symptoms that fall under a condition. 

We, at Master’s Homeopathy, focus on looking for the root cause to treat sleeplessness. We also have a range of homeopathy medication that cater to sleeplessness. All these treatments are natural and  do not bear any side effects.


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