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Is Lower Backache Restricting Your Life Try Homeopathy

Is Lower Backache Restricting Your Life Try Homeopathy

Imagine bending down to pick up a piece of paper, when your back starts behaving oddly. From a small snap to mild ache in your lower back, the problem persists and even begins to increase in intensity. Soon enough, the ache starts growing and there’s a constant fear in you to do even the slightest of tasks.

Thanks to unhealthy lifestyle habits, bad postures and constant desk jobs, your bones aren’t as strong, which is why, even mild activities start creating problems. Now, you must understand that a lower back pain isn’t just caused because of your bones. It could be problems with your muscles, or even issues with your internal organs.

Why Does Your Lower Back Hurt?

There are multiple reasons due to which your lower back could be hurting. Any strenuous activity, or even bad sitting positions could trigger off an issue in your back. These activities can cause harm to the following portions:

 Lower Back Ache Treatment

  • Nerves in the discs of your spinal cord
  • The large muscles on your back
  • The nerves that run down to the end of your legs
  • The tissues in the muscles supporting your spine
  • Joints and ligaments around your spinal cord

What Type Of Lower Back Pain Do You Have? 

Like mentioned above, there are many types of lower back pains that might arise, which are dependent on what kind of strain or injury you have suffered from. It’s essential that you are able to identify the type of pain, so that you can describe it to your doctor clearly, who, in turn, will be able to suggest appropriate treatments for you. So, what are these types? Let’s find out.

  • Mechanical Pain: This is a dull ache that’s constant and mostly in the same location.
  • Referral Pain: This is also a form of dull lower back ache, but isn’t constant in nature, and keeps moving around.
  • Radicular Pain: This is a more intense sort of lower back ache that follows the path of the nerves and often travels to the hips, buttocks or legs.

The first step of relieving yourself from this pain to identify it and then go to your doctor to seek help. It’s best not to ignore a lower back pain as it could affect your daily life.

What Could Cause A Lower Back Pain?

While most of you would blame it on sitting all the time, or even sitting incorrectly, yet, a lower back pain could be indicative of several things.

Cause A Lower Back Pain

  • Onset of period: Applicable to females only, one of the first signs of an impending menstrual period is an annoying lower backache. In fact, for many, this continues throughout the period.
  • Arthritis: If you are having prolonged back pain, you might be suffering from arthritis. Consult a doctor to prevent more damage.
  • Osteoporosis: Weak and brittle bones could cause your lower back to hurt. This is more serious in nature, so immediate medical attention is the best thing.
  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, there would be immense pressure exerted by the tiny human in you on your pelvic floor, which in turn would cause your back to ache.
  • Sciatica: If you have a sharp pain in your lower back radiating to the back of your legs, it could possibly be because of your sciatica nerve getting pinched along the way.
  • Herniated disc: If one of the discs in your spine moves to the edge, it could cause some painful spasms in your lower back.                                        Physical injury to your body and also stress caused emotionally, even the mental disturbance is responsible for your back pain , …

Now that you have understood the causes and symptoms of lower back pain, it’s time to start thinking about treatments. Are bitter pills and painful procedures the only way out? No. Read on to find out how you can get rid of your lower backache with a simple, natural option.

Homeopathy For Your Lower Backache: What To Expect

The first thing that most people are led to believe about homeopathy is that it’s slow. Contrary to that popular belief, homeopathy as a form of treatment is pretty fast. It’s not instant or immediate, but is gradual and effective. At Master’s Homeopathy, the moment you discuss your symptoms with our doctors, they take notes and work on your treatment symptomatically, understanding your overall body and working on combinations that will suit you.

Homeopathy intends to root out the causes and work on them, we treat the person, his sensitivity , what  is the cause that is  making him suffer. At Master’s Homeopathy, we believe in internal healing, which is why, we focus on figuring out all the possible underlying causes before we prescribe medicines to you.

Homeopathy Medicine for Back Pain

This will not just take care of your ache and symptoms, but will also ensure that there are minimal cases of relapse, if you follow your doctor’s guidelines, that is.

So, why live with an irritating lower backache, restricting your mobility and activity, when you can get rid of it from the roots? Try homeopathy because it’s safe, sound and mostly sweet!

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