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How To Avoid Dry Skin?

How To Avoid Dry Skin?

Your skin is of course the biggest organ in your body and your 9th standard Biology textbooks made that very clear. Thanks to this fact, almost 70% of your skin is exposed to dirt, sunlight, dust, rains and so on. So, does that harm your skin or make it better?

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The answer is two fold. Vitamin D from the sunlight, helps your skin but often the excessive exposure to sunlight can make your skin dry and pigmented.

But most of all, what is the most common occurrence you witness on your skin? On any given day? That it is dry.

Dry skin is uncomfortable as most of you might know. You know your skin is dry when firstly you can feel it and it is marked by itching, cracking and also scaling to a great extent. Skin is different for all people. Some of you might be born with dry skin while some of you might have excessively oily skin while might result in it getting dry at frequent intervals of time.

So what are the causes of dry skin?

Age: One of the most common factors for dry skin is age. You are not growing any younger and neither is your skin. So, as you age, your skin pores produce less oil and raises the risk of you having dry skin.

Medical History: Another cause of dry skin is if you have a medical history of allergies in your family. Having these allergies may result in various forms of dermatitis.

Seasons: Winters and Autumn are the seasons when you notice your skin becoming more dry due to overexposure of your skin to the rays of the sun. However during summers, the levels of humidity prevent the oil in your skin from drying up. However this differs if you live in a city which has dry summers. In that case, your dry skin can be seen in summers as well.

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Hygiene: Not having a good personal hygiene can result in dry skin as well. If you do not bathe everyday or take care of your skin, it is bound to become dry.

How do you take care of your skin and prevent it from drying?

It is necessary to usually take the natural ways of taking care of your skin. Your skin is precious and it protects your body. So ultimately applying creams, trying and experimenting on your skin often doesn’t help as much as the natural ways. Here are some of them.

  • Avoid using hot water too often when you bathe or shower
  • Always shower every day instead of every other day
  • 10 minutes should be your maximum shower time.
  • Using a soap during bathing always helps.
  • Moisturizers always help immediately after bathing or showering
  • Pat, do not rub, the wet skin dry with a soft towel
  • Never itch or scrub the dry skin patches
  • Always drink plenty of water

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It’s also very important to choose the right kind of moisturizer for your very own skin type. If your skin is extremely dry, try and apply a petrolatum-based product.

Dry skin is common. There is no cure but you can treat it whenever it happens with the help of various lifestyle changes and if that doesn’t work, visit us at Master’s Homeopathy or book an appointment and our doctors can help your skin get better.


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