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Homeopathy Or Allopathy: A Comparison

Homeopathy Or Allopathy

Instant recipes are quick to make. But you still try to avoid those. Why? Chemical aids assist in high agricultural productivity, making the products cheaper. But you still go for organic food. Why? The bonsai vine you have at your computer desk grows green; you tend it with clean water and homemade vermicompost. You don’t rush its growth.  Clearly, you prefer health and sustainability. Well, then you would love to know more about Homeopathic treatments. Even if you know nothing about homeopathic treatments, you must know one thing – it’s natural. When it comes to your medicine, homeopathy is what you may call ‘organic’. But what exactly does that mean? What else does homeopathic treatments hold in its basket? Is it, after all, better than allopathy? How?

Let’s get straight to the comparison!

Natural Approach:

Homeopathic medicines are extracts of plants, animals and naturally-occurring minerals while allopathic medicines are chemical drugs made in laboratories.  Homeopathy is often defamed saying that it works on placebo. While placebo treatment is a real deal, homeopathic treatments are much more than placebo. The sugar pills which you intake as homeopathic medicines contain the medicinal extracts in a highly diluted state and hence, a chemical examination of the pills may not reveal any of the original contents.

Homeopathic medicines can also use like prevention of seasonal diseases and epidemic and endemic diseases. These medicines are never prepared from steroids. This treatment is gentle, safe and permanent.

Complete cure:

Allopathy subsides the symptoms. Homeopathy works on an immunological level.  If your stand against homeopathic treatments is that it ‘takes time’, then here is the explanation. Homeopathy is not primarily concerned what is overtly visible. It addresses the issue from deep within. It unroots the cause of the disease and hence, makes sure that the diseases do not resurface again or at least for any time soon.You may find it interesting that while homeopathic treatments cannot cure instantly, it is empathic to your discomfort and has remedies to take down fever and give relief from pain in a very short span of time.


Allopathic medicines may get addictive. Surgeries are painful; painkillers make them easy. But then often patients worry that they might get addicted to the sedative drugs. While the percentage of people becoming addicted is low in records, the risk is valid. Homeopathic treatments are natural and are in very diluted doses. There are no chances of addiction. (Unless, of course, you have a sweet tooth and you start eating more of the sugar pills! But don’t, because, you know, diabetes!) Customized remedies: The best advantage of choosing homeopathic treatments over allopathic ones is that the all homeopathic treatments are customized.

Allopathic medicines are taken down from a shelf and given to a person with, let’s say, fever. And everyone with fever receives the same medicine. But homeopathic treatments are churned out as per each person’s profile. The doctor listens to the symptoms and brings together various remedies for those particular symptoms (more precisely, for what those symptoms represent). This way, you get optimal treatment with nothing more, nothing less.

No needles, no rays:

Homeopathy works on symptoms. The doctors listen to ALL of the symptoms and assess your issue, unlike allopathy which considers only the major symptoms and sends you for a blood test or an imaging report. If you are scared of needles and hesitant about what harm the imaging machines may (or may not) cause, homeopathy is your saviour!

Surgeries: If you are scared of needles, I can only imagine how you would feel about surgeries. Don’t worry; you are not alone – even the ones who take a needle bravely are scared of surgeries.  The conservative approaches to homeopathy are surgery-free. Instead, the doctors will plan a treatment plan over a longer period of time. Sure, it takes a little more time, but it’s equally effective.Side-effects: Allopathic medicines come with predefined proportions based on what generally people suffer from. This way sometimes, with allopathic drugs, we end up having more chemicals than we actually require.  In case of homeopathy, like we mentioned earlier, the practitioners give us only what we need; and even those come from natural sources. Hence, there isn’t even a chance of any side-effects.


Homeopathic treatment is cheap! Way cheaper than the allopathic counterpart.  Some people abstain from trying homeopathy because the health insurance plans do not include homeopathy in their package. But when it comes to homeopathy, money will be the least of your concern. Homeopathic treatments are extremely economic. Now you know where homeopathy and allopathy stand. Don’t let the colourful shelves of allopathy impact your choice of health plan. Yes, the market is dominated by allopathy, but homeopathy has its share of loyal subscribers. Still, a change is in order. Be a pioneer to that chance – choose homeopathy over allopathy!

About Master’s Homeopathy:

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