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Homeopathy For PTSD

Homeopathy For PTSD

Post Traumatic disorders or PTSD is a result of the specific incident(s) which a person might have experienced in the past. The effects are mostly psychological, but temporary, as the patient often is believed to re-live a particular incident which is the root of the current problem. The aftereffects of the incident could also come in a variety of issues, but all of them linked to PTSD. These many issues do not let go of the person suffering, and subsequently not letting them get back to normalcy. Fear, anxiety, panic attacks and other such associated effects are common in a person who has PTSD.

PTSD might seem like a small problem, considering the symptoms are fresh after a particular incident or accident. However, in the long run, if it goes untreated, there could be consequences that could affect the patient psychology and could run more profound than we can imagine.

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Symptoms of a person with PTSD might show:

Re-living an experience

PTSD patients are known to re-live their worst possible traumatic experience that has them shook psychologically.


PTSD patients tend to avoid situations, places or even people who might remind them of a, particularly traumatic experience.

Erratic behaviour or hyperarousal

Being hyperarousal is connected to a multitude of problems including sleeplessness, feeling angrier, frequent outbursts of anger, lack of concentration and being all uneasy & jumpy in any given situation.


Doctors have been continuously various treatments for PTSD patients. PTSD only got termed as a disease in 1980, and since then doctors have learned many of the different problems people face.

In general, there are two kinds of treatments used most often. A more conventional method and an integrated method which involves Homeopathy.

The conventional methods are not entirely useful when treating for PTSD. Doctors in conventional medicine tend to make use of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines. These are not guaranteed to work at all times, an, on the other hand, could have adverse effects on the person’s health.

Conventional medicines are designed in a way that the immediate symptoms are made manageable and also helping the patient with temporary relief from the problems, especially in PTSD where there are no adverse effects. The problem, however,  is that once the medications are stopped, these could come back to haunt the patient all over again or maybe in a more severe manner. On the other hand, the medicines themselves, due to its prolonged use could have affected the patient in more ways than imaginable.

Does Homeopathy solve PTSD problems?

Homeopathy medicines work in a different way than conventional medicines. Homeopathy is designed in a way that it suits the individual in an appropriate and medically viable manner. Additionally, homeopathy practices are built to treat the causes of a problem and not the symptoms that are a result of the problem in the first place.

Here are some well know Homeopathic remedies recommended based on the type of PTSD a patient is suffering. If any of you can resonate with the above descriptions of treatments and related illnesses, consult and ask for more info from your preferred homoeopathy doctor to move further in starting treatments.


Aconite is used in homoeopathy for patients suffering from extreme fear, especially on patients who frequently experience an unexplained vivid sense of uncertainty, restlessness and agitation. With Aconite, the patient is often treated for their fear and the fact that they have small pupils during their worst time. This treatment helps the patients in the long term, and the results have been tremendous.  


Arnica is recommended for patients who are suffering from PTSD which has been the result of a tragedy they endured. For instance a car accident. In these cases, the patients are morbidly afraid of things associated with the tragedy, from the closest to the remotest. In the example of the car accident, they would be afraid of anything concerning the road like a car, bikes or the road itself.


Arsenicum is recommended for patients who get anxious, fidgety and restless. In their cases, they always need to help of somebody, while demanding a physical and mental presence of the helper, as they also see emotional reassurances, but on the whole, they crave for someone to be there. An absence of someone around them causes them to have sleeplessness and total anxiety.

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Stramonium is something homoeopathy recommends for patients who endure nightmares or night terrors. The patients in these cases are mostly children, and if treatments are not provided promptly, things could go wrong with these children, with many reported to have developed violent behavioural tendencies and try to re-enact their nightmares in some capacity. These children cases have seen the patients be afraid of the dark, of animals and even water in many cases. They also tend to stammer as well as exhibit various grimaces and twitches. Some children begin to stammer; others may exhibit various grimaces and twitches.

Conclusion –

These methods have helped many patients in the past, while more and more people are open to the idea of treating PTSD with the use of homeopathy. Homeopathy is utterly different from allopathy or conventional treatments. The idea of treating PTSD helps the patient and the doctor to understand the problem right from its roots and thus lets them solve in the best possible way. PTSD, also runs the risk on the patients, as they might develop adverse side-effects if not treated in a timely and appropriate manner.


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