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Homeopathy For Migraines

Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine

You can understand the pain of a migraine only if you have it. The others who empathise with you saying ‘Yeah, I understand’, you know, they really don’t.  Migraine headache starts due to changes in nuerotransmiter within the brain and are thought to play an important role. Those are only functional changes. Most of the time, the migraine patient suffers from one-sided headache. Sometimes, however, the headache affects both sides.

Symptoms appearing to notify about headache arrival called AURA. Those aura symptoms are

  • Flashing light/bright spots
  • Zig-Zag lines
  • Changes in vision/ numbness
  • Tingling in finger of one hand, lips, tongue
  • Temporary muscle weakness
  • Changes in speech.

This aura sustains for 5-20 minutes , but is almost always less than 60 minutes. Migraine headaches may triggered by

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress

Symptoms of Headache

Anger, irritation, stress, thirst, noise, smell, bright light – every minor thing which you do not like makes your head ache – these are what causes migraines. Even exercise and sexual activities will remind you that you have migraine. Not to mention, smoking and alcohol consumption are major motivators of a migraine attack.

It feels like there is no escape from the ‘monster’. 

But if you don’t have migraine yourself, you might not understand the wrath of migraine – migraine headache symptoms are much more than just a mild or a severe headache. Migraine headache symptoms might even sound like they are indicators of a fatal disease. Although migraine is not conclusively fatal, fifty percent of people with migraine are more likely to die during a period of migraine.

Prevention is better than cure, especially when there is no cure. Painkillers, anti-depressants, and anti-nausea drugs can only give you temporary relief, if at all. The best way to deal with migraine is to avoid all the stimulators, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and do breathing exercises and get good sleep. If migraine is ruling your life right now, the only thing you should consider is – homeopathic treatment for migraine. Look at the migraine headache symptoms, be certain that it is migraine indeed, and then consider homeopathy as an option.

How can Homeopathic treatment help?

Homeopathy does not cure migraine; it helps you to keep it under control. So, when we talk about homeopathic treatment for migraine, we mean that even though it will not get to the root of the problem, look at your migraine headache symptoms  and it will make your life much easier. Since migraine is a long-term disease, it requires a long-term solution. Homeopathic treatment can do just that. Homeopathy offers you medical supplements to control the symptoms of migraine and reduce the discomfort.

Homeopathic Treatment Help for Migraine

Homeopathic treatments for migraine are of natural origin – mostly extracts of plants and naturally occurring minerals and metals. So, even if you are taking a medicine for a long time, it will not cause you any side-effect.  Additionally, since everyone does not experience all migraine headache symptoms, a homeopathic practitioner will be able to whip out a bottle suited just for your migraine experience. This way, you get to take optimal care of your health, with homeopathic cures for migraine customized just for you.

Choose homeopathy for a better management of your migraine!

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