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Homeopathy Can Help Your Hair Feel Younger

Homeopaty Can Help Your Hair Feel Younger

Hair Fall.

Even though we might not take it very seriously, yet, every strand of hair that leaves our scalp prematurely definitely concerns us. With a lot many physical changes that occur with age, Hair Loss has become a concern for most. Age is just one part of the entire hair loss story, and there are various other reasons for hair loss.

Hair Fall Occurs

Lets understand why hair fall occurs

Before, during and after pregnancy – 

1. Hair loss is seen when there is discontinuation of oestrogen and progesterone therapies.

2. Hair shedding is also seen at the end of pregnancy.

3. Period of pregnancy and child birth, a month or two, hair abruptly falls out in large patches because of severe stress. There will be regrowth of hair with out any treatment as the days are progressing.

Conditions which bother Children                                               

Head lice – They feed on the blood, lives in scalp , child on  much scratching results in hair loss.

Autoimmune disorders

Alopecia Areata:  here we find our own immune system attack the hair follicles and disrupts the normal hair formation.

Other autoimmune conditions like thyroid imbalance, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis are also responsible for hair fall.

Conditions which affect the youth –  Baldness, Dandruff, Facial Hair.

Psychiatric disorders – Patient has an urge to pull his hair resulting g in patches of hair loss , condition is known as ‘Trichotillomania’.

  • Bacterial and fungal infections –  Folliculitis, peidra, fungal infection of scalp called Tinea capitis.
  • Everyday styling can also strips the hair of protective oils.
  • Repeated  washing of hair, using of hair driers  too often is also not advisable.
  • Oil is the universal remedy to strengthen, shine, protect the hair from unnecessary drying and weakening of hair.
  • Poor nutrition and diet lacking in vitamins and proteins can cause hair to become dry and brittle.     

So for those of you who are upset with trying almost all remedies to get back the fallen hair, here we have a solution for you. Homeopathy.

Hair Loss Treatment Homeopathic

Stress that is caused due to hair fall adds up up more hair loss and on a much more faster pace. Although there are treatments available for hair fall, it so happens that not all of them are effective for many. Body composition for each and every one is different and may not be able to accept certain medications even though they might be herbal and safe. In such cases, homeopathy scores the highest in stimulating your hormones and treating your case individualistically.

How does this happen?

The homeopathic approach to any problem is holistic. This balance stimulates the hair roots to regrow new and stronger hair. The medicines are mostly of plant origins and therefore, are safe for use for all age groups. The main advantage of opting for Homeopathic medicines for hair regrowth is the absence of any related toxic side effects. We, at Master’s Homeopathy treat the cause at its root,  the sensitivity that is making your hair follicles weak. With the treatment, better diet and our guidance we aim to make the power of immunity stronger for the hair follicle to regrow from the hair bulb.


  • Nutritious diet with proper vitamins especially Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Iron.
  • Fruits like melons, berries, bananas, orange, apple can supply your body with proper vitamins to hair fall.
  • All vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and cabbage is preferable. Increase dairy intake like eggs, milk, cheese will make your hair health by providing  Vitamin B12 as well as proteins.
  • Chicken, nuts, fish  and plenty of water.

Make a choice to try homeopathy now!    


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