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Homeopathic Remedies For Female Reproductive Health

Homeopathic Remedies For Female Reproductive Health

The female reproductive system can be a handful. No doubt, it’s high-maintenance. And with the busy lifestyle of today, no wonder that it often falls short.

Irregular menstruation causes troubles.

Contraceptives have side-effects.

Conceiving has long stopped being ‘natural’.

All those things which were almost of no concern a century or even a few decades ago are now issues of every female reproductive system.

What can you do about it? Well, lead a healthy lifestyle. How? Quit your jobs, pack your bags, drive away from the pollution, grow your own vegetables on a farm and live a plastic-free life (kidding, duh!) Still, you are not safe – remember the earthquake of 2011 in Japan which let out a ton of radiation in the air?

Female Reproductive System Posterior View

Something or the other is always taking a toll on the health of the female reproductive system.

To understand the various diseases that affect female reproductive system, first you need to understand it’s growth and development.

Stages of growth and development of the female reproductive system:

Development of Female Reproductive Organs

Stage 1: The onset of puberty in women is marked by the early stages of menarche. Menarche is the first occurrence of menstrual bleeding. It usually occurs between the ages of 11 – 14 years. It marks the possibility of fertility. Around the time you hit your mernarche, you will also see your breasts develop, your hips widen and you will grow hair in your armpit and pubic area. You might also gain some weight. Just before your first menstrual bleeding you might experience mood swings, bloating, cramps, breast tenderness and a breakout of pimples.

The bleeding from vagina is generally light at the beginning and will get heavier as the days pass. The blood could be little brownish. It could last for anywhere between 2-7 days.

Stage 2: After you hit puberty, you proceed towards your full sexual maturity. It can take a few months to a few years. After that a woman is ideally potential to bear children. The two female reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone help in the production and maturation of ovum and also helps in regulating the overall health of the female reproductive system. But various external factors can cause imbalance in the system like:

  • PCOD: cysts in ovaries
  • Endometriosis: growth of uterine tissue in places other than uterus
  • Uterine Fibroids: Tumours in the womb
  • STDs: Diseases contaminated through sexual contact
  • Cancer: Cancer in uterus, ovaries, vagina, vulva, and cervix.
  • Injury: Sadly, injury due to sexual violence

Stage 3: By the time you are around 45-55 years of age, you will gradually experience inconsistency in menstrual bleeding until it stops for good. Once you have not bled for 12 months straight while not pregnant or sick otherwise, you can know for sure that you have menopaused. The time during menopause can be difficult for women. It is a very emotional stage culturally and these emotions are assisted and thus intensified due to various hormonal changes that goes on inside the body. You can see symptoms of menopause in the forms of hot flashes, tender breasts, dry vagina, low sex drive, fatigue etc.

When you feel uncomfortable about your reproductive health, what you do is run to a doctor. But on the road, you become anxious about the needles and the radiations of the imaging machines and the side-effects of the medicinal drugs.

Homeopathy may rescue from all of that.

How does homeopathy help address issues with the female reproductive system?

First of all, it reads the symptoms and hence, no poking and pricking. Then, unlike other medical cures, homeopathy does not suppress the issue or bring in a temporary solution. Homeopathic remedies go deep in the root of the problem and address it from there on. This way, it gives you a long-lasting solution. Homeopathic treatments are way more natural and come without any side-effects.

To top it all, homeopathic remedies are very considerate of a person’s individual needs. Each woman is unique, and so are her issues. Homeopathic ways of treatment allow the doctor to whip up a medical combination which will suit the woman’s need justly.

If you want to get back a good female reproductive system and not ruin any other health condition of your body at the same time, choose homeopathy!.


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