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Herpes Here is How Homeopathy Can Help You

Herpes Here is How Homeopathy Can Help You

Red, itchy spots. Blisters. Vaginal Discharge. Cold sores near your mouth Fever.

Herpes Homeopathy Treatment

Sounds uncomfortable, right? If you are in that uncomfortable position right now, then you could be suffering from herpes. Herpes? What Is It? It is a virus that’s very common and generally tends to affect your genitals, anus, vulva, vagina, cervix, rectum, lips, throat, mouth and even your butt and inner thighs. In fact, sometimes, it affects your eyes also. The good news, however, is the fact that it’s not dangerous.

What Is The Trigger For Herpes

Technically, Herpes is a viral infection that’s triggered by HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). This virus hides in your nerve ganglia and attacks you when your immunity is low .

Types of Herpes

classified into two types: HSV type 1 HSV type 2 Leisons caused by HSV type 1 are extra genital lesions , commonly seen on face and lips. While those of HSV type 2 occurs on the genitals. It must be noted that in some cases HSV1 can also cause genital herpes and HSV2 CAN cause oral herpes.This generally occurs due to transmission through oro-genital contact.

Classification of Infection-

1. Primary infection- primary infection in children is an acute gingivo-stomatitis associated with weakness, headache , fever, swelling in the Lymphnodes of neck. in adults vesicles turn in to ulcers , can be scattered over lips and mucus membrane. This phase last for about 2 weeks. Primary type 2 HSV is transmitted sexually and cause painful genital and periAnal blisters which rapidly ulcerate.

2. Recurrent infection – Eruptions occur in the same place each time , they may be caused by Respiratory tract infections (cold sores), suns heat, menstruation & stress. Crawling senzation, burung and pain is followed with in few hours by devolepment of Rashes, whole episode lasts for about 12 days.

How Do You Know That You Have Herpes?

It might sound strange, but despite being a viral infection, Herpes might not show any symptoms at all. That’s because the virus resides in a resting (latent) state in the nerves without showing any indication of its presence. However, in most cases, you can understand its presence with the help of the following symptoms. – Eruptions with burning and itching sensation with pain in genital parts. – Fever – Vesicular eruptions on genital parts – Itching and pain sensation. – Ulcers – Vaginal Discharge – Body aches – Pain while urinating – Blisters around the mouth

Genital Herpes

Is Herpes Very Common? Like mentioned before, Herpes is very common. In fact, there are over 4 million new cases of herpes reported every year in India. Due to lack of awareness and unprotected sex, this infection is likely to touch an epidemic status in future. Complications of Herpes simple viral infection-

1. Meningitis occurs without any cutaneous clues.
2. HSV can cause recurrent dendritic ulcers leading to corneal scarring.
3.frequent attacks of Infection , will be followed by Erythema multiformae.

So, What Do You Do If You Have Herpes?

One common misconception about herpes is that it happens because of lack of hygiene. But then, that isn’t the case. Even though technically there is no permanent cure for it, yet, you would be wondering if there’s something that can prevent a relapse or soothe down the symptoms. If a natural way of treating herpes is what’s in your mind, then read further. Herpes and Homeopathy Most of the times, when people consider treating a viral infection, they turn towards conventional medicine, yet, traditional medicines like homeopathy are very effective.

One of the biggest reasons behind that is the fact that Homeopathy believes in inner healing; it does not believe in external medication. It treats the person as a whole. When it comes to Herpes, it goes into the root of the problem, tackles the symptoms and prevents its recurrence. Homeopathic treatments are given after full examination of patient, including his/her medical history, mental and physical constitution, etc. Boost up your immune power by homeopathy treatment, and thus fight the virus and remove it from your body completely. So, don’t let Herpes bring down the quality of your life. Walk into Master’s Homeopathy and let natural medicines take care of your issue


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