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Here’s Why Homeopathy Is The Best Choice For Tuberculosis

Here’s Why Homeopathy Is The Best Choice For Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis or TB is most often not even thought about when the deadliest of diseases are spoken about of. Mostly, cancer takes that spot.

Yet, TB is notoriously famous for being the second largest killer globally when it comes to infectious diseases. In fact, even after Koch discovered the causes and medications soon followed, the world believed that we had finally conquered TB. But then, in 1993, World Health Organisation declared it as a global emergency, perhaps the only disease to have that claim to fame.

So, what exactly is this tuberculosis that’s infamous for all the wrong reasons? Let’s read more about it.

Understanding The Deadly Tuberculosis

Caused by the bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, TB is a contagious disease that affects your lungs.  In some cases, it also affects the spine and the brain. TB is of two types:

  • Active TB: This type of TB has the bacteria in active state, which will cause TB symptoms to show up. It’s highly contagious.
  • Latent TB: In this type of TB, the bacteria doesn’t show any symptoms. Even though the bad news is the fact that it is much more difficult to detect, yet, the good news is the fact that this bacteria doesn’t spread. But then, there are chances of this converting into Active TB.

Tuberculosis Treatment

How Do You Know That You Have TB?

Understanding your body and paying close attention to the subtle changes are necessary in keeping your health in good shape. If you suspect that you have TB, then you should begin by answering the following questions:

  • Have you been coughing for long time? By long time, we would mean for more than two weeks.
  • Have you noticed blood streaks while coughing up mucus?
  • Does your chest hurt? It wouldn’t be the typical acidity type of hurting.
  • How does your body temperature feel like? Feverish?
  • Are you feeling ‘chilled’ and breaking into night sweats?
  • Are you losing weight without intending to do so?
  • Does your fatigue get the better of you?

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

If you have said yes to three or more of these questions, then it’s best that you consult a doctor and get a check-up done.

It’s Time For A Check-Up: What To Expect?

Typically, a doctor will first employ the stethoscope to listen to how your lungs are doing. If there’s any swelling in the lymph nodes of your lungs, the doctor will be able to catch it.

Another common diagnostic test is injecting PPD tuberculin – an extract of the TB bacterium, just under your forearm. Upon inspection of the site in 2-3 days, if your doctor discovers a small, red bump of a certain size, then it will confirm TB.

These days, diagnostic tests like chest X-Rays, blood tests and sputum tests are also being used to diagnose TB.

How Does TB Spread?

Unfortunately, if you are diagnosed with TB, or know somebody who has TB, especially of the active variety, it’s best to be a little careful, because people around can be infected, too.

The bacteria uses airborne droplets to spread from one person to another.  So, coughing, sneezing and spitting will aid the bacteria in traveling. However, it’s believed that once medications are administered, the bacteria stops being contagious after two weeks. But, incubation period for different types of TB (yes, there are different types) and for individuals also, as the immunity levels vary.


TB Treatment

What Do You Do If You Have TB? 

The first you need to do if you have TB is to relax. It’s easier said than done, yet, it’s important. The one thing that will surely help us the fact that TB is curable. So, gather yourself, consult a doctor and follow all measures suggested.

How Does Homeopathy Help Treat TB? 

Many people assume that homeopathy works only for smaller illness like colds and aches. But, that’s just not true. In fact, homeopathy has remedies even for feared diseases such as TB. What makes homeopathy an effective treatment option is that it’s symptomatic, and focuses on providing holistic relief that just superficial.

What it means is that instead of suppressing the symptoms of TB and delaying the progress of the bacteria, it taken on each of the symptoms, works on it and ensures that it’s cleared off the body completely. This way, one by one, from coughing blood to just coughing, you will see very clear decline in all the symptoms of TB that you have, eventually getting rid of the disease on the whole.

At Master’s Homeopathy, we understand how concerned you will be, which is why we listen to you, understand all your symptoms, check for your history and come up with treatments that will help you manage your TB better. So, do not hesitate to walk into our clinic!

About the Clinic:

Masters Homeopathy is a network of world-class premium Homeopathy clinics in both Telugu states. Masters Homeopathy is committed to providing advanced Homeopathy Treatment enriched with decades of rich experience, and expertise in treating various diseases. Masters Homeopathy clinic utilises world class techniques, advanced technology and updated software for effective treatment of diseases without any side effects.


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