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Heres All You Need To Know About Genetic Disorders And Homeopathy

Heres All You Need To Know About Genetic Disorders And Homeopathy

You are made of flesh, bones, millions of nerve cells, neurons which constitute the various organs in your body. But what you usually ignore is where this all started from? Your DNA. Your genes make you who you are.

 Genetic Disorders Homeopathy Treatment

Your making, the traits which have been passed down to you from your parents or even grandparents, the good and as well as the bad. There is a reason why so much emphasis and research takes place when a person has a genetic disorder. Most of them have treatments, but sadly seldom have cures.

Down Syndrome, Autism, Huntington’s, Thalassemia and so many other diseases which are very dangerous are solely genetic in nature accompanied with various health issues.

And what tops it up is that, since its genetic the prevention should be from the parents or even anyone in the family. After the child is born, it might be too late to prevent any kind of genetic disorder, no matter how rare.

Thalassemia requires blood transfusions, Down Syndrome requires constant rehabilitation in a slightly unknown environment, autism requires highly special care and Huntington’s eventually and inevitably, most people die.

Blood Transfusions

But this is all in the world of regular medicine. Something which has been traditionally followed and believed to get results no matter what. In one word, allopathy to whatever extent. Is this the end? Are the human beings who are born with rare genetic disorders just destined to not live? There is no fault involved.

Many aspects of human anatomy and genetics are being discovered every day. But why not try out something different? A not so common yet effectively proven approach?


Now do not raise your eyebrows thinking how can those small sugary pills work on such dangerous and delicate health conditions. The fact is they can and they have as well.

So what is the role of Homeopathy in Genetic disorders?

The scope of homeopathy in genetic disorders started when an article was published on the Hindustan Times newspaper where a study proved how homeopathy had brought about pathbreaking improvements in the patients living with genetic disorders. This was a joint venture done in India(Mumbai to be specific) and Europe. Homeopathic doctors in India and Europe studied about 500 cases of which 72% of them were seen to improve amazingly over a period of four years.Role of Homeopathy in Genetic Disorders

Point to be proudly noted: These 72% cases were CURED and not only treated.

Homeopathy is the individualistic approach to medicine.Its all about understanding at the root.

Stress at the emotional level plays an important role in the genetic disorders, women during pregnancy when experienced any kind of disturbance at the mental level , the way they think and their reaction to the stress will surely effect the development of foetus.

Hence during treatment of these genetic disorders in Children, homeopath will ask for the emotional stress the mother faced during different phases of pregnancy and thus  impact of that stress factor will guide us to provide best treatment.

Rare Genetic Condition

So if you or anyone you know is suffering from a rare genetic condition, do them a favour, visit us at Master’s Homeopathy or book an appointment because the ultimate truth is ‘Homeopathy doesn’t hurt’.


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