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Have You Tried Homeopathy For Eczema?

Have You Tried Homeopathy For Eczema?

Anybody who has sensitive skin will understand that it’s a pain to deal with it. Sensitive skin means that the products and brands have to be chosen carefully and extreme care has to be taken to ensure that there are no rashes or breakouts, because once that happens, it’ll be difficult for you to do any sort of damage control.  

It can be painfully irritating and embarrassing to have a skin which is so sensitive that it turns red and itchy and flaky even at the usage of a soap. This happens in a condition known as Eczema, a condition which starts to appear in early infancy and progresses into adulthood, characterised by extremely dry, itchy and flaky skin. 

Eczema: What Is It?load image...

load image...Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin, also known as atopic dermatitis. It can be chronic in a few people or many might just outgrow it before adulthood. It develops in patches of thickened skin on the hands, neck, face, and legs or any other body part. There is a risk of developing infection if the patches are scratched.

Trigger Points: How does it develop?

The cause of the condition is not clearly known yet, but it resembles allergy. While it is just resemblance, the skin irritation is not an allergic reaction. Following can be the combination  of causes or risk factors that effectively develop the condition,

  • Genetics
  • Abnormal function of the immune system
  • Environment
  • Activities that may cause skin to be more sensitive
  • Defects in the skin barrier that allow moisture out and germs in

While these can be the risk factors, irritants like chemicals used in cosmetics and toiletries can play a major role in aggravating the condition. 

You Have Eczema. What Next?load image...

Eczema can be controlled by any system of medicine, because conventional treatments are only palliative not curative. They recommend anti­biotics, antihistamines and steroids to manage the general symptoms which might help momentarily but render in­effective over time due to conditioning. 

It is only Homeopathy that focuses on understanding the symptoms your body is showing for eczema and systematically treat the condition for just what you are suffering.

If you don’t really understand the difference, let’s break it down further. 

A general symptom system of eczema could involve, redness, rashes, swelling, itchiness, oozing, scabbing, and bleeding. While the conventional medicine system will treat you for all of these symptoms, Homeopathy will focus on just what you are suffering, which is less of a burden on your constitution and more effective. 

Homeopathy is also cost-effective and free of side effects, leaving no room for you to worry about suffering from another allergy when you already are suffering from a semblance of allergy. 

We at Master’s Homeopathy focus on hearing you out, to be able to better understand your condition. Our team of doctors is very well equipped in treating all kinds of health issues.


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