Female Problems

Female Problems

Female Problems

Life has always been a challenge for a woman, and the degree has only kept growing with time! The demands are many, and the answer is only one. The woman herself! Making time and gathering the energy to fulfil many roles and to cope with one’s own needs is challenging and can eventually take its toll on health.

Homeopathy offers endless solutions for women’s better health! It benefits a wide range of mental, physical and emotional problems that all women experience. In fact, the most common health problems that women experience are because of hormonal imbalances that lead to severe headaches exactly when the period is due, moodiness and hot flashes of menopause. Other issues also include joint pains, gastric troubles etc. All these problems are treatable, and the women who seek homeopathy as an alternative conventional medicine have experienced better results.

Although women are prone to have many problems that show up either in the form of hormonal fluctuations or certain nutritional deficiencies here we have listed the most common problems which can be addressed with homeopathic treatments.


Pregnancy is a phase when a woman experiences complex emotional and physical changes. These symptoms are difficult to treat with conventional medicine. Homeopathy provides safe alternatives to both mother and the child all through the pregnancy, and also during breastfeeding.


Just when the woman enters the menopause phase, during and after menopause, the hormones undergo a sudden change. Homeopathy deals with the associated symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, sudden weight gain, extreme mood swings, and insomnia.

Menstrual problems

The hormonal system during the menstrual cycle maintains its balance, however, when the balance is lost, the symptoms can cause significant harm emotionally and physically.

Menstruation does not induce uncontrollable emotions. It only lowers a woman’s ability to repress difficult emotions, which are already present. Homeopathy can help regulate these mood fluctuations associated with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) as well as heavy or irregular periods.