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Everything You Need To Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Everything You Need To Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Your heart melts when you hear your child say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ for the first time. As parents, you celebrate every little milestone your little one crosses and look forward to every single thing your child does.

A healthy and happy child is what parents want, yet, many times, such milestones get delayed because of developmental disorders that might not get caught during regular prenatal screenings.

One such disorder is Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Many times, parents struggle to understand their child’s behavior and feel guilty about it. When a child’s behaviour becomes erratic, when something triggers bouts of mood swings, parents cannot figure out what is going wrong.

That’s one of the first signs of a developmental disorder, probably autism.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism/Autism Spectrum is a lifelong developmental inability of the brain that refers to a range of conditions such as:

  • Challenges with social skills
  • Repetitive behaviour
  • Difficulty in speech and nonverbal communication
  • This condition develops at a very early age and it is found among all age groups
  • The word ‘spectrum’ basically says about the broad variation in challenges and strengths possessed by each individual with autism.

How Do You Find If Your Child Has Autism?

The signs for the cause of autism is not just one and the symptoms can also be very mild or severe. Some may have symptoms that are very noticeable whereas others may not.

Social skills

Child Has Autism

Your child would find a really hard time to interact with others. He/she might want to have close relationship but will not be able to succeed in that. Your child may show social symptoms that include:

  • Inability to respond to their name within 12 months from birth.
  • Disinterest in playing, sharing and talking with others.
  • Prefers to be alone
  • Not able to understand their own or others emotions
  • Does not prefer people to comfort them when upset
  • Avoid or reject physical contacts
  • Immature behaviour
  • Inability to interpret gestures and facial expressions

Communication skills

Mostly a child or a person with this disorder does not talk at all, they forget the language skills that they picked up during infancy also. Some of the communication related inability that they face are

  • Delayed speech and language skills
  • Their voice is flat, robotic or sing-song
  • Repetition of a word or a phrase- Echolalia
  • Problems with pronouns
  • Inability to respond or use gestures
  • No consistency in the topics they speak or answer
  • Sarcasm or joke, they are unable to differentiate

Patterns Of Behaviour

Their patterns of behaviour are mostly unusual or their interests are not typical. Some of the variations include:

  • Repetitiveness in behaviours like jumping, twirling or rocking
  • Constant moving and hyperactivity
  • They are affixed to certain objects or activities
  • Extremely sensitive to light,touch and sound
  • Fussy eating habit
  • Lack of coordination, impulsive and aggressive in behaviour.

Although with the challenges of autism the child may have exceptional qualities that might amaze you. They might have abilities to understand concrete concepts, memory skills, high talent in art and so on.

What Are The Possible Causes For Autism?

As there is no one type of autism, there is no one cause for it. As a long research has gone into it, researchers have found out that the brain development in a child is influenced by a complex and combination of genetic risks and environmental factors.

The environmental factors involves events before and during birth. It can be:

  • Advanced parental age (both) at time of conception
  • Maternal illness during pregnancy
  • Extreme prematurity
  • Very low birth weight
  • Difficulties during birth
  • Mothers exposed to high levels of pesticides and pollution

How Can You Treat Your Child?

Treatments For Autism

Treatments for autism are mostly intensive, it requires the coordination of the whole family. The treatment includes medications and therapies which can be done in a child care or at home.

Some of the therapies are:

  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social skills training
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Applied behavioural analysis

Other than the therapies what are the other ways to treat autism

Are There Homeopathy Treatments To Treat Autism?

Homeopathy is the safest and gentle way of treat any medical condition. There are two systems in homeopathy. Classical homeopathy, where the detailed history of the patient is analysed by the doctor to find the root cause and a single remedy is prescribed, whereas in Complex homeopathy many medicines are given for a particular medical condition

Classical homeopathy works the best in case of autism. A classical homeopath analyses the history of your child completely like child’s current medical complaints, onset, modalities, their medical history,history of mother’s pregnancy, family’s history, and  a detailed assessment of child’s mental and emotional health.

After all this the homeopathic doctors would suggest remedy that would bring significant changes in difficult and incurable cases.

Some of the homeopathic medicines to treat autism spectrum disorder are

  • Chamomilla
  • Ignatia
  • Sepia
  • Pulsatilla
  • Iodium
  • Anacardium
  • Lycopodium, calcarea phos.

Many children get benefited by these remedies. It is better to begin early intervention as soon as possible. If you find that your child also has got the same symptoms you should take your child to a professional homeopathy doctors for h. Masters homeopathy has got the best homeopathy doctors to help your child.

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