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Do Liver Diseases Lead To Forgetfulness?

Do Liver Diseases Lead To Forgetfulness?

You all know that having one health condition could spiral off to impact other organs. The point is, all your organs are interconnected in some way or the other, and in case you have a  disease that’s bothering one organ, chances are high that it would impact another organ as well.

In this context, sometimes, when you have an issue with your liver, it might have an impact on your brain too. This condition is what you call as hepatic encephalopathy.

Probably you want to know more about it if you are suffering from liver disease.

What Is Hepatic Encephalopathy? Hepatic Encephalopathy

It is a disorder which can happen if you have an advanced liver disease which in turn causes a buildup of toxins in the brain. The liver cannot function properly and the toxins are not removed from the bloodstream, which affects the brain. This can affect your mood, speech, behavior, sleep, and the way you move. This condition can be acute and chronic, in certain cases, people may stay unresponsive or fall into a coma.

There are two types of hepatic encephalopathy

  • Acute hepatic encephalopathy that is caused by severe liver diseases. It can also be a sign of terminal liver failure
  • Chronic hepatic encephalopathy can occur if you have cirrhosis. This condition is recurrent or permanent.

The stages in this condition can be as mild, moderate, severe and the last stage can lead to coma.

Symptoms Of Hepatic EncephalopathySymptoms Of Hepatic Encephalopathy

The symptoms of it depend on the cause of liver damage. The most commonly known physical and mental symptoms are difficulty in thinking, lack of concentration, seizures, personality change, confusion, forgetfulness, lethargy, fatigue, slow movements, your breath smells sweet or musty and improper speech.

Sometimes the symptoms are really hard to notice. You can also find changes in your sleep patterns.

How Is It Caused?

The exact cause is still unknown, one of the biggest tasks that your liver does is removing toxins from the body. This condition often happens if the liver fails to break down toxins. Your liver is supposed to remove toxins such as ammonia from the body but in this case, toxins stay back in the bloodstream and it affects brain, other organs, and nerves. Several things that trigger this condition are

  • Kidney problems
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Recent surgery or trauma
  • Infection
  • Medications that affect the immune system and nervous system
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Constipation

Homeopathy Treatment For Hepatic EncephalopathyHomeopathy Treatment For Hepatic Encephalopathy

This traditional way of treatment is the ideal option to revert your condition to a healthy life without any side effects. It not just treats the symptoms but the causes for the condition is treated.

In homeopathy, the medicines are made of natural substances which rectify the condition of your liver. No two people are alike so their body conditions are also different, thus they require different medications and that is what homeopathy does. It studies the symptoms of each individual separately by using a holistic approach.

If you think you are having the aforementioned symptoms it is time for you to consult a homeopathy doctor at Masters Homeopathy.

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