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Curing Anal Fistula With Homeopathy

Curing Anal Fistula With Homeopathy

Do u have a history of frequent pus filled Boils at the anal region, and is it much painful , interrupting you from concentrating on your work , do you feel swelling at the anal region. Its nothing but Anal fistula that’s bothering you …Lets see what is it. What Is Anal Fistula? A fistula is an inflammatory tract has external opening on the skin(perianal) and the internal opening in the anal canal. It is one of the most common complications of inflammatory bowel disease. Fistula occurs in the anus and are diagnosed at a stage that probably needs a surgical intervention to remove the pus.

Anal Fistulas

Most fistulas are seen to be developing between:

  • The vagina and the rectum
  • The skin and the intestines
  • The intestines and the bladder

Causes Of Fistula Most anal fistulas are a result of anal abscesses which remain untreated and don’t completely heal even after the pus is drained out.

Some common conditions that aid in developing a fistula are:

Diverticulitis is an infection of the tiny pouches that grow outwards from the sides of your large intestine.

Crohn’s disease is a long-term problem that causes inflammation in the digestive system. This results in hardening the stool,obstructing it from pass through the intestines. As a result the anal cavities fill up with pus and leads to severe fistula formation.

A long term skin disease around the anus can also contribute largely to the development of an anal fistula. One such skin condition is called hidradenitis suppurativa.

Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS can also cause anal abscesses and fistula. These viruses attack the immune system which make the person weak. The defensive cells fail to fight against the viruses causing chances of more infections to develop. Anorectal cancer is cited as one of the causes of anal fistula. Although it is a rare occurrence, it can be quite troublesome. It occurs when there is an abnormal cell growth in the area where stool is stored before excretion.

Tuberculosis is a bacteria which is usually present in an inactive state in most of us. When this bacteria becomes active, it usually affects the lungs. However, it can also attack many other parts of our body and the rectum is quite a susceptible area that can be affected. Tuberculosis could lead to anal abscesses and anal fistulas to occur.

Treating Fistula – A General Outlook

When you have a simple stomach ache or a headache, the first thing you do immediately is to pop a tablet for pain relief. And this cycle continues for the next time and until you realise it’s getting worse. Then the progress is to visit a doctor and take more medicines. But do you realise that too many medicines can also make things worse? All you’re doing is to suppress your immunity and depend on supplementary support to pacify the pain. Another approach to a little more severe problem like fistula is to get a surgery done. What gets missed out is the chances that the fistula can relapse. So, why not try a better treatment option? That’s when homeopathy can help you.

 Fistula - Homeopathic

Curing Fistula – Homeopathic Approach:

 Homeopathy is one of the most promising and natural remedies for most of the conditions that  might require life-long medications or probably a surgery. This makes homeopathic remedies safe for all age groups. Homeopathy believes in the law of similars which means that the symptoms are recreated and then eliminated from the root cause.  Tendency of frequent formation of Boils should be removed, this can be done only by treating the person with a Constitutional remedy  which acts up on the sensitivity of a person this is what the Homeopathy Medici e does .You can get your problems treated with the assurance that the condition will not relapse again .


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