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Control Alopecia With Homeopathy

Control Alopecia With Homeopathy

The hair is made up of protein called keratin which is main constituent of nails. Alopecia is a term used to define baldness or absence of hair from areas where it should typically grow on the body. Alopecia or baldness is not an uncommon sight and happens to many across the globe. Alopecia is a autoimmune condition in which the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicles and destroy them. The timing of its occurrence is also undefined as it could happen to an individual at an early stage, middle years or later years of their lives. Alopecia, however, is a common occurrence in men than women, who experience it rarely. Hair Fall due to Alopecia  As alopecia does not have any ill benefits to health, it is quite a distressing ordeal. People tend to worry when they suffer from hair loss and could get quite stressing at times. Other things like a low self-confidence and different appearance-related issues could persist with alopecia.

Causes of Alopecia

Generally, the causes of alopecia are not defined for everyone; it is something that each individual experiences for their separate reasons. Causes of Alopecia

The most prominent of all causes is a deficiency in the diet, where there is a deficit of essential vitamins and minerals. Nutrients like iron, selenium and zinc are highly necessary for healthy hair growth, and a lack of which could cause alopecia. Drugs, genetic tendencies, hormonal, stress.

  • Presence of some other illness or lack of health in the person could cause an increase in hair fall.
  • Excess testosterone levels in male could be the reason for baldness
  • Fungal infections of the scalp could cause bald patches, as well as other known diseases,  cause hair fall.
  • In females. Hair fall could occur after pregnancy or delivery, which is reasoned to hormonal changes during those phases.


If you are suffering from alopecia, here are a few tips that can help fix the problem, at least on a temporary level.

  • Exercise and stay active
  • Have good sleep
  • Apply aloe vera or onion juice to scalp

Can Homeopathy cure Alopecia?

Yes, Homeopathy is an effective way to solve hair fall problems leading to alopecia. When it comes to male pattern baldness, homeopathy goes a long way in curing hair fall, but may not completely heal baldness patterns. Homeopathy medicines recommended for hair fall or alopecia are known to not only reduce the amount of hair loss but also treat and cure systematic problems, which could be the cause of hairfall in the first place. Homeopathy medicines also help solve fungal infections, as they help in the eradication of the fungus in its entirety, to support the growing back of hair in its natural self. Homoeopathic Medicines Used for AlopeciaWhat are the homoeopathic medicines used for Alopecia? Homeopathy treatments may differ from individuals depending on the kind of problem they are suffering that is causing alopecia. Usually, homeopathy doctors make use of acid flour, Lycopodium, phosphorus, silica and thuja as their primary medicines to treat alopecia. Although, the use of these medicines depends on the cause of the person’s hair fall problem. Below is a small explanation of how each of these medicines helps in curing alopecia.

Acid Flour –  Acid Flour is commonly used as a homeopathic medicine to treat baldness which occurs in spots.

Lycopodium – Lycopodium is the best homeopathic remedy for women who suffer hair fall post-delivery/pregnancy

Thuja – Thuja is widely used by homeopathic doctors to solve hairfall problems caused by dandruff

Phosphorus – Phosphorus comes in as a handy medicine for massive hair loss, especially when individuals experience bulk hair loss in intervals.

Silicea – Silicea is used by doctors to solve hairfall problems that are caused due to constipation The medicines mentioned above have varying results, but generally are highly useful in solving alopecia problems in patients. To get the best out of these medicines, the homeopathic doctor needs to match the patient’s symptoms carefully and diagnose the problem from its cause. Overall, homeopathic medication help cure alopecia problems and is a highly effective measure.


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