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Complications of Sinusitis and Homeopathy Treatment for Sinusitis

Complications of Sinusitis

When you catch cold or get a fever, you also get a severe, constant headache sometimes. If you have sinusitis that headache spreads to your face and stays beyond the expanse of your fever or cold and the degree of pain is much more than a regular headache. This is the scene with a regular sinusitis. Now what happens when you have acute sinusitis?

Sinusitis Treatment

Sinuses are air sacs around your nose. When you have sinusitis, these sacs get filled with fluid which might get infected by microbes. This causes the lining of the nearby tissue to become inflamed. When the same happens in excess and it causes repetitive, prolonged discomfort, it’s called acute sinusitis.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Acute sinusitis has a number of symptoms. Here are some of the sinusitis symptoms you might face.

  • Infection: The infection in itself is a big sinusitis complication. The infection in the sinuses can even spread to the surrounding tissues and organs. The viral infections do not generally spread and goes away in a wee. The bacterial infection, on the other hand, might persist for longer. If sinusitis persists for more than 10 days, you can expect it to get worse and even more complicated. Allergic sinusitis does not generally get infected. It comes with the allergen and goes off gradually in the absence of the allergen.
  • Reduced sense of smell: One of the sinusitis complications is reduced sense of smell. In severe cases, the sense of smell might even become nil temporarily or rarely, permanently. Many factors can contribute to this sinusitis complication. For example, smaller nasal cavity to inhale the odour, damage of the olfactory nerve or the ‘smell nerve’, etc.
  • Pain: The pain can be very severe and constant. The degree of pain, however, varies from person to person depending on the degree of infection or the amount of fluid available in the sinuses. Most people feel a congestive pressure and pain in their face. Some people also get headache or pain in their jaw or the root of their teeth. The pain worsens with straining.
  • Prolonged fever and runny nose: Until your sinusitis is fixed, you will keep having repetitive fever. Runny nose will be persistent along with the pain.

Acute sinusitis can causes a number of sinusitis complications if it is left untreated for a long time of is treated wrongly. The most common mistake in treatment of sinusitis lies in the fact that more often than not, doctors treat the symptoms of sinusitis rather than the condition of sinusitis itself. This can sometimes complicate the situation even more.

Sinusitis Complication:

  • Middle Ear Infection: The fluid built in the sinus can even inflame the middle ear. Similarly, when left untreated for a while, the microbes in the sinus can travel to the middle ear and can infect the area. This can cause immense pain, stuffy ear, temporary or permanent loss of hearing. It also makes balancing of the body difficult.
  • Bone complication: Sinusitis complication might even get as intense as to affect the bones of your face as well. The infection from sinusitis can affect the frontal bone of your face (which a bone of your face). This in turn might even transfer the bacteria to the brain which is, as it sounds like, is extremely dangerous. If it does get that complicated, the treatment will take much longer time.
  • Intracranial Complication: Intracranial complications are those which relate to the brain. At its extreme, sinusitis complications might even lead to abscess (accumulation of pus),  meningitis and cerebritis (inflammation in the brain), and infection. This condition can manifest itself in the form of high fever, stiffness in the neck, difficulty in cognition, difficulty in maintaining balance etc. Mucocele:
  • Mucocele: Mucocele is a sinusitis complication related to chronic sinusitis where the fluid in the sinuses does not get a channel to drain out and gets trapped inside. This might make your face, nose, cheeks or eyes swollen. The chances of infections are exponentially high.

How can homeopathic medicine for sinus help?

Homeopathic Medicine for Sinus

Homeopathic medicine for sinus takes an entirely natural approach towards treating sinusitis complications. In homeopathy, the root cause is addressed instead of the symptoms. You might have to take a longer course depending on the severity of your sinusitis complication to get a long-lasting effect. But, never worry about the side effects – homeopathic medicine for sinus is nothing but a careful mixture of the extracts of plant and animals and natural minerals. Homeopathy will not only treat your sinusitis but also have remedies to manage the pain temporarily to ease your way towards a long-term relief from sinusitis.

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