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Can You Treat Autism With Homeopathy?

Can You Treat Autism With Homeopathy?

As parents, you are really worried when your child behaves indifferently from others. Autism is a condition where your child might not be able to communicate as other children do, that doesn’t mean that they are abnormal, they are unique.

It can make you low and depressed.

But do you think that will help your child?

You are the person who can motivate them.

Why would you restrict them when they are born to stand out.

Here are things you should know about autism.

What Is Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder where children have poor or impaired communication and social skills. It usually becomes apparent in the first three years of childhood. The impairment would be characterized in social, verbal and nonverbal interaction also repetitive or inflexible behavior.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder describes a range of conditions categorized as pervasive developmental. It includes autism, Asperger syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).

What Are The Symptoms?

Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children

Children with autism have a wide range of symptoms

Social skills:

  • Very little or no eye contact
  • Do not like to be touched
  • Disinterest in playing with others
  • Prefers to be alone
  • Difficulty in understanding others feeling, jokes, facial expressions, and group interactions.

Speech and Language development:

  • Delay in developing speech and language skill
  • Abnormal tone and stress while speaking
  • Speech is loud or quite
  • Repeats last words or phrases
  • They are not consistent in the topics they speak
  • Difficulty in understanding directions and whispering.


  • Obsession with particular objects, ideas, and desires
  • Compulsive behaviour patterns like rocking, jumping, humming etc.,.
  • Fascination with rotation
  • They can be hyperactive
  • They find difficulty in adapting to a new environment
  • They can be extremely sensitive or lack of sensitivity to light, touch, and sound

Autism Spectrum Disorder In Adults

Autism Spectrum Disorder In Adults

Autism is a lifelong condition which can be treated at a very early stage if it is diagnosed. The symptoms of autism in adults include:

  • Difficulty in interpreting others feelings, thoughts, facial expressions, body language and social cues
  • They cannot control emotions
  • Keeping up an interaction is really difficult for them
  • They engage themselves in repetitive behaviour.
  • Participation in restricted activities
  • Inconvenience to adjust to a new place
  • Deep knowledge of a particular topic

How Can Autism Be Diagnosed?

There are no medical tests to diagnose this disorder. It is based on screening and evaluation of the children’s behaviour patterns.

To diagnose autism spectrum disorder doctors include these two steps while examining your child

  • Developmental Screening
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

How To Treat Autism With Homeopathy?

Treat Autism With Homeopathy Medicines

Therapies are the only way out for your children as it is a developmental disorder. Homeopathy is the safe and gentle system of healing in case of autism as it finds out the root cause and then only the treatment begins.

Classical homeopathy is the best way to treat your child as the doctor will do a full case study on your child’s history which includes family history, mother’s history during pregnancy, current medical complaints, causes for current illness, and a detailed assessment of your child’s mental and emotional condition. After all the case history and analysis the child would be given homeopathic medicines which bring significant changes.

Autism is not a disability that your child has, it is a different ability as they can understand discrete concepts which others cannot accept. If you want to treat your child then go for Masters Homeopathy, they not only treat your child, they bring out a new being in them. At the end of the day, you will understand that autism is not a disease it’s just a challenge.

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